Birth Like a Goddess Course

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I have always been an advocate of natural and spiritual health in all aspects of life, and what better way to bring a new life into this world than to create a sacred experience for your child and yourself throughout pregnancy and birth.

I know that there are many of you out there who are looking for this experience and don’t know where to find it. You no longer have to look any further; in affiliation with one of my sacred sisters, I am happy to present Nancy Lucina‘s “Birth Like a Goddess Course”.


So, what is the “Birth Like a Goddess Course”?

From the heart of your guide and teacher, Nancy Lucina:

It is an ONLINE BIRTH PREPARATION CLASS that includes 9 modules each with:

  • Hypnosis Recordings to help you release fears and re program your subconscious with empowering visions of birth
  • Videos to introduce the topics of each module
  • Readings to further your exploration of these topics
  • Journal Prompts to help you reflect on the topics
  • Rituals to help you integrate the material on a cellular level
  • A private Facebook group where you are supported by like minded women and me as your facilitator

The Birth Like a Goddess Course is a transmission from my heart to yours. It’s a deep dive into your Inner Goddess- your innate source of wisdom and intuition within. Along with practical tips, knowledge and resources, It’s the spiritual and emotional preparation you need to release fears, move into empowerment and open up to the idea of birth being a sacred and natural experience.

It’s a gift to yourself – a way honor your transition from maiden to mother. It will support you throughout your entire pregnancy, encouraging you to open your heart, mind and soul to the incredible power and wisdom within you as you go through your most significant rite of passage.


Introducing the Birth Like a Goddess course

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Here’s what women are saying about the course;

“I had such a beautiful and empowering birth. I had no fear and smiled throughout. The course helped me so much, especially with releasing fears, and not holding back when visualizing my ideal birth. It actually happened exactly as I envisioned it!”

“Nancy Lucina – you have given us women an amazing power tool! The course is easy to understand and easy to work with and empowering. Listening to your calming voice is powerful and enchanting. I love this course and will always give it to other mommas so that they too can have their amazing own birth and pregnancy experience! Thanks for your devotion to birth this course for us! You are a true gift!”


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Curious about the Birth Like a Goddess course?

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