Intuitive Tarot and Numerology Readings on Myna’s Moon

In living our mundane everyday lives, we forget how important it is to remember to take time for our spiritual growth as well. Many of us are now remembering.

We seek spiritual growth, and we try to find it wherever we can. We look for teachers, guides, signs, groups… anything and anyone that could help us on our path.

I have been an active seeker since 1995, when I asked my father about spirituality and he told me to read and research and experience all I can about all things spirit for myself.

I’ve learned a lot on my journey thus far; I’ve done hundreds of palm and tarot readings. I’ve channeled spirits and angels and deceased loved ones, used automatic writing, learned to see the aura with the naked eye, taught a few people how to develop their psychic abilities through practice, and I’m still learning more.

Most recently, I’ve learned how to use numerology to understand people better and to help improve relationships. I’ve been using it actively for a few years now and I’m amazed by how accurate it is and how easy it is to learn.


I provide tarot and numerology readings because I have a passion for them, and I love using them to help people who need that extra guidance. Every time someone tells me how much I’ve helped them with my readings, I feel blessed and grateful that I am able to use my gifts to bring happiness, or at least relief, to others.

I consider myself a lifelong student, however, as I feel there’s always more to learn. There are so many ways I believe I can help others, so many things to discover, and the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn.

The spiritual path is fraught with superstitions and myths, and while I would like to continue to embrace the mysteries of the world, I also hope to dispel superstitious notions that do not serve us any more. I hope to see a world where spiritual pursuits can be talked about and accepted as easily as other life pursuits.

Mynas’ Moon was created as a place where I can share my discoveries and use my gifts to help others as I grow on my spiritual journey. I hope that in sharing my journey with you, my experiences may help you on your spiritual journey as well.

Blessed be and thank you for taking this journey with me! I hope you find what you are looking for here.

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*Image belongs to my photographer father, Innerzen. Used with permission.