Moon Phases – 2017

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The night of the new moon is the best time for prayers, spells, or any energy work to bring about new beginnings. In between the period of the new moon to the full moon, also known as the period of the waxing moon, spells for attracting more of the things you want in your life will have added power from the moon‘s energies.

The night of the full moon is potent with power for psychic work and developing your intuition. And, from the full moon to the next new moon, also known as the period of the waning moon, spells for getting rid of what you don’t want in your life will have added power from the moon‘s energies.

You don’t have to cast spells to make the moon‘s energies work for you. Saying a prayer or making a wish will do just as well.

It is also helpful to be aware of the moon phases, as the things you do will have more power if you schedule them accordingly. For example, launching a new business on the day of the new moon will be auspicious for your business. If you are seeking a promotion or a raise, meet with your superior during the period of the waxing moon, and so on.

Moon magic and spellwork can be powerful. Start simple with whatever feels comfortable for you, then add to your rituals and spellwork as you go. You may also register for the Moon Magic Releasing mini e-course if you would like to do some powerful releasing exercises. (Please check the page for the next scheduled run of the course.)

Below is a list of dates for the new and full moons in 2017 for easy reference:


Full Moon: Jan 12th
New Moon: Jan 28th


Full Moon: Feb 11th
New Moon: Feb 26th


Full Moon: Mar 12th
New Moon: Mar 28th


Full Moon: Apr 11th
New Moon: Apr 26th


Full Moon: May 11th
New Moon: May 26th


Full Moon: Jun 9th
New Moon: Jun 24th


Full Moon: Jul 9th
New Moon: Jul 23rd


Full Moon: Aug 8th
New Moon: Aug 22nd


Full Moon: Sep 6th
New Moon: Sep 20th


Full Moon: October 6th
New Moon: October 20th


Full Moon: Nov 4th
New Moon: Nov 18th


Full Moon: Dec 3rd
New Moon: Dec 18th


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