The Path Finder Spread

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The Path Finder Spread is a five-card, multi-purpose spread for finding out more about a particular path you want to take. It can be used for general path readings and can also be adapted to focus on a specific path. It is a very effective and accurate spread that I have had great success with.



I made it up four days ago for a client reading, and since then I’ve used it for three more people, with amazing results! It was given its name by Kelley @modernmystic_tarot on Instagram, who is a great tarot reader and one of the people I’ve used this spread for.

So many people have expressed their love for this spread on Instagram that I’ve added it to the list of my available readings in the shop and I thought I would share it here as well so that others can use it.


Path Finder Spread

path finder

Spread Description

This is a multi-purpose spread for finding out more about a particular path you want to take.

Card 1 : What is the path I should take with (fill in the blank)?

You can fill in the blank with any topic. Ex. What is the path I should take with….

my current relationship
my business/career
my music
my fitness regime

Card 2 : What should I do more of?

This card answers what you are doing right, or what you should be doing more of in following this path.

Card 3 : How do I do that?

This card is in relation to the 2nd card. The 2nd card answers the what, this card answers how.

Card 4 : What should I do less of?

What are you doing that isn’t working for you on this path? Eliminate unnecessary actions that might lead you astray.

Card 5 : What do I need to know about this path?

An overall look. This card will tell you where taking this path will lead you.


I hope this spread is helpful for you in exploring your path. I would love to hear your experiences reading with it, comments and feedback are always welcome.

Hazellie Wong

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