A Midsummer’s Tarot Spread

Posted June 20, 2015 by Hazellie Wong in Festivals & Events, Tarot / 0 Comments

a midsummer spread by Hazellie


Midsummer is tomorrow, so I created a spread to look at the period starting from Midsummer, June 21st, until the Fall Equinox on August 1st.

The graphic above is simple to understand, but here are the details for the positions of the spread:

  1. What is the theme for this period (Midsummer, June 21st, until August 1st)?
  2. What have I accomplished previously?
  3. What should my current focus be for this period?
  4. What represents my goals?
  5. What supports me in achieving my goals?
  6. What are my inspirations and motivations for achieving these goals?
  7. What grounds me?
  8. What are my strengths?
  9. What are my weaknesses?

I’ll be posting up my own Midsummer reading tomorrow. I hope this spread helps you in looking at what’s in store for you this Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer!

Hazellie Wong

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Hazellie Wong

Hazellie Wong is a professional tarot diviner, numerologist, and spiritual coach. She is also the founder of MynasMoon.com and a certified Master Herbalist. She is a third-generation healer, and is passionate about helping people achieve optimum spiritual and emotional health through spiritual guidance.
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