How to use the Pendulum as a Divination tool.

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A pendulum can be anything; whether it is a pendant on a necklace or a nail on a piece of string, it can work for you as long as your intentions are clear.

To communicate with your pendulum, first make sure that it is motionless, then ask it to show you which direction it will move for “yes” and which direction for “no”.



General response of a pendulum (from the Wizards Tarot handbook by Corrine Kenner):

Yes – up and down
No – back and forth (left and right)
Maybe – diagonally from the lower left to the upper right
Don’t want to answer – diagonally from the lower right to the upper left
Probably – a clockwise circle
Probably not – a counterclockwise circle

You can also use the pendulum to find missing objects by holding it over a map of the area you’re searching.

Hold over a calendar if you’re looking to schedule an important event.

For tarot readings, fan the cards out and hold the pendulum over the deck if you’re trying to select a card.

Enjoy working with your pendulum, and if you have any experiences to share, please do so in the comments! I would love to hear from you!



Hazellie Wong is a professional tarot diviner, numerologist, and spiritual coach. She is also the founder of and a certified Master Herbalist. She is a third-generation healer, and is passionate about helping people achieve optimum spiritual and emotional health through spiritual guidance.

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