18 Spells and Rituals for Attracting Love, Health, Money, and Prosperity

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The period of the Waxing Moon, that is, the period when the New Moon grows larger and eventually turns into the Full Moon, is the best time for working magical spells and rituals for increasing things, attracting and bringing positive change.


In the approximately 14 days of the Waxing Moon, spells and rituals for increasing positive things into your life will be especially effective. These spells are meant to be as easy as possible for the beginner spellcaster to work, but rest assured that they are just as effective as any advanced spell.

Here are 18 easy spells and rituals that you can use to attract and increase health, love, money, success, new friendships, and luck.

1. Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations work. Positive affirmations in the time of the Waxing Moon work more effectively. Here are some daily affirmations you can use every morning;
For increasing love:
I attract love and joy into my life. I am a loving and wonderful person who deserves a loving and wonderful person in my life.
For increasing money:
I attract money. Money loves me and comes to me easily and in abundance.
For increasing success:
I am inspired, passionate, and powerful. I deserve success and attract it with every decision I make.
For increasing health:
I am completely healthy in body, mind, and spirit. I bless my body daily with nutritious food and healthy exercise. My mind is calm and peaceful and my spirit is happy and joyful.

2. Candle magic

Candle magic is simple and easy to do. You can also use candle magic along with your positive affirmations above. Take some time for yourself any evening during the Waxing Moon, dim the lights and sit in front of your lighted candle for 10 to 15 minutes. Visualize the thing you are attracting into your life, see it clearly in your mind, meditate upon it and know that what you desire will be yours soon. You can also repeat the positive affirmations during your ritual. Be careful that there are no flammable objects nearby, use your own discretion when working with fire.

candles spell

Candle colors: 
Yellow – for creativity, intelligence, memory, wisdom, inspiration, happiness, stability, security.
Orange – for happiness, business deals, success, career, goals, power, luck, enthusiasm, warmth.
Green – for money, success, growth, physical healing, employment, abundance.
Blue – for healing, calmness, peace, good fortune, losing weight, harmony, protection, communication.
Pink – for love, friendship, romance, devotion, spiritual and emotional healing, restful sleep.
Red – for love, energy, health, vitality, passion, courage, fertility, strength, sexual virility, respect.
Gold – for wealth, success, money, luck, victory, enlightenment, career.

Love Spells

3. Love Attraction Spell:
Write your crush’s name on a piece of paper. Fold the paper three times, towards you, each time kissing the paper once. Hide it safely beneath your mattress. Your crush will start to take notice of you.

4. Nature’s Magic Love Spell:
Go to your nearest park and look until you find a medium-sized rock shaped like a heart, or buy a cheap one from Etsy. When you find it, hold it in both hands and whisper the name of your crush to the stone in your hands. Bring it home with you and put it in a safe place, your crush will be yours soon.

5. Red Rose Candle Spell:
Place a long-stemmed red rose between two red candles. Sprinkle some rose petals around the candles. Light the candles and allow them to burn down. When the candles have burned down, give the rose to the person you want.

Money Spells

6. Law of Attraction Spell
Go to TheSecret.tv, download and print the check from The Universe. Write the amount you desire and put it somewhere you will look at every day. Every time you look at it, say the affirmations for attracting money.

7. Money Nutmeg Candle Spell
Carve the side of a green candle with the amount you desire. Place it on a small plate and arrange coins around it. Sprinkle some nutmeg powder around it, then light the candle and let it burn.

8. Eight-Day Money Bag Spell
Put eight coins and eight green leaves together in a charm bag or pouch. Chant “Money grows on trees, riches come to me,” eight times. Carry the bag with you for eight days.

General Health Spells*

9. Illness Prevention Spell
Peel and bruise one clove of garlic. Rub it on your naked body from head to toe, use more if one clove is not enough. Throw the used garlic into running water flowing away from your home.

10. Preventive Magical Pine Spell
Arrange boughs of fresh pine over the bed to dispel illness and enhance healing.

11. Archangel Raphael Candle Spell
Place a green candle in the middle of a small plate. Sprinkle bread crumbs and a grain of salt around the candle. Call upon Archangel Raphael and say, “Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for healing me completely right now.” Light the candle and let it burn.

Archangel raphael

*(While these spells are effective energetically, they are not meant to replace professional healthcare. Please consult with a doctor or a professional health caregiver if you are in need of health and medical advice.)

Luck and Success Spells

12. Everything’s Coming Up Aces Spell
Place four aces from a new deck of playing cards on a plate. Cover them with breadcrumbs and sugar. Add seven coins and metal charms that represent your desires. Place a silver candle on top of everything and burn.

13. Metal Keys Wind Chime Spell
String seven metal keys together on a red thread. Hang them up in the wind to attract good luck and prosperity.

14. Lunar Wish Spell
Go outside and gaze up at the waxing crescent moon. Call upon the moon goddess, Selene, and tell her your most secret desire.

waxing crescent

Other Spells

15. Better Business Candle Spell
Reserve the first dollar earned in a new business. Sprinkle it with sugar and salt. Place a green candle on top of the dollar and let the candle burn.

16. Dream Job Spell
Write up an advertisement for your dream job. Put a drop of peppermint oil on it and place it in a charm bag with three garlic cloves. Carry the bag with you until you get your dream job. Refresh the oil and three cloves of garlic as needed.

17. Happy Home Spell
Place dried lavender, rosemary, and basil leaves in a jar. Surround it with family pictures.

18. Bay Leaf Wish Spell
Write your wish or wishes on bay leaves. Burn them, and scatter the ashes outside on a windy day.

Happy Spellcasting!

*Some spells taken and adapted from The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes. A few are original and created by me. These spells are no guarantee that what you wish for will come true, they are only meant to help attract the right energies to help you get what you wish for. As with most things, you must do your part to facilitate the creation of your dreams. In situations where another person or persons are involved, these spells will not interfere with their free will.



Hazellie Wong is a professional tarot diviner, numerologist, and spiritual coach. She is also the founder of MynasMoon.com and a certified Master Herbalist. She is a third-generation healer, and is passionate about helping people achieve optimum spiritual and emotional health through spiritual guidance.

39 Responses to “18 Spells and Rituals for Attracting Love, Health, Money, and Prosperity”

    • I have done some of these and yes, they have come true. I have not done the Bay Leaf Wish Spell, but please feel free to experiment for yourself. =)

  1. Talica Smith

    Is there a spell that I can use to freeze my ex girlfriend & new girlfriend relationship so that they break up?
    We are working on us getting back together

  2. Nick

    Yes I Was Wondering If The Love Atraction Spell Will Work On An Ex???
    Blessings And Thankyou: Nick

  3. These spells are not meant to be worked against someone else’s will. It is better to do a love spell to bring new love that you deserve into your life, one that will make you happy, instead of doing it on an ex who might not want to be with you anymore. These spells are for empowerment and self-improvement, and I hope they will help those who are looking to empower themselves. Blessings to you all. <3

  4. Kymykat

    It’s true that you shouldn’t do these spells for purpose of hurting others or revenge. KARMA is for that. These spells are great for love, money happiness, success. Not evil spells to right a wrong done to you

    • Gordon, the energy of these spells depends on your intention. If you have negative intentions, seeking to harm others or violate their free will, then yes, there will be negative effects. If you cast these spells with positive intention and love, then that will be their effect. I hope that helps. =)

      • George Banea

        why then there are so many people touched by evil magic ? and why the evil witches are fine, happy and nothing bad happens to them? sorry Hazellie, but it’s not true what you said, it’s not intention that makes a spell work the way you want, it’s skill

        • I’m sorry, George, I believe you have misunderstood me. I didn’t say that the spell will not work if you have negative intentions, I said that there will be negative effects if you have negative intentions, and vice versa for positive effects and intentions. You are right though, it is skill that makes a spell work the way you want/intend.

  5. radhi pather

    Hi, I would love to try candle magic, and bay leaf spell today,I am very worried about my son who is going through a finacial block for a long time now. He is sole provider. He needs a financial miracle like now. Thank u

    • Hello Radhi, you may want to get him to try the spell for himself. Most spells work best if done by the person in question, as his intent and energy would add power to the spell. Having said that, you may of course, also do the spell for him with his knowledge, or do the spell with him. Hope this helps.

  6. Claudia

    Hi, There are more then 2 years since I cast spells and none worked. And believe me, I had good intentions and I did many spells for different needs , health, love, peace etc . Actually things got worse in my life on all levels since I do magic. So, yes , there are negative effects and no good effects , it was this way for me. I am still attracted to magic but I don’t dare to try again.

    • I think maybe inside yourself, there is doubt that the magick will manifest and so the doubt blocks any progressive energy. I say this because a couple winters ago I got a baaad cold and made a braided healing necklace, shortly after I put it on my head got super stuffy and I felt loads worse. I think I weaved my doubt into the necklace because I wasn’t sure if it could truly heal me and you have to really believe in your inner power and magick crafting with pure intention in order to manifest results. Just food for thought. ….and thank you for the article Hazellie!

      • Claudia

        I really believed. And even for those who don’t believe, I don’t think this is an excuse for spells not to work, you are talking like priests my dear :), your prayer was not listened because you did not believe. I did not know that witches use the same lame excuse as priests to explain why it did not happen.

        • I’m talking about the very real power of intention and attracting similar energies that of which you send out, not “gods” precious “gift” as a result of prayer. Perhaps you don’t understand the fundamentals of manifestation “my dear”. Anyhow, sarcasm and mild insults aside, I hope you find success on your path and in your craft soon. Good day to you.

          • Claudia

            You said mild insults …I don’t understand the word that insulted you, I did not mean that I don’t realise where the insult is . Good day to you too

    • Luna Cluett

      Hey I was wandering, I did the live attraction spell and it seems like it slowly working but is there a way to speed it up?
      Also, when you said to put it under your mattress do you mean put it under the cover of the mattress or actually under the entire mattress on the bed frame?
      Please answer I have liked this guy for a while and I want to see him like me the same way!
      Thanks Luna.

      • Hi Luna, I don’t think it matters if you put it under the cover of the mattress or under the entire mattress, I think the important thing is the close proximity to you as you are sleeping. = ) I’m sorry but I’m not sure how you can speed it up. My advice is to be patient and allow things to take its course. Good luck to you! <3

    • No, you can do any of these rituals anytime, but spells for attracting more of the things you want have more power during the period of the waxing moon, and banishing spells have more power during the period of the waning moon. I hope that answers your question, Anguyo.

  7. Andrea

    Will the money and luck spells be successful if I do them on the waning crescent moon, or it is better to wait?

  8. Chevy

    Love Attraction Spell does it work?? am I suppose to kiss the paper once or is it 3 times when I fold the paper towards me??

  9. apariemmanuel

    please help me to cast money using magic spell
    please if there any options please tell me cus
    am very very serious. pls