The Challenges and Rewards of Being A Tarot Reader

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Recently I came across this brilliant post, Ten Things to Never Say to Your Tarot Reader,  about the ignorant and disrespectful statements some people have made to tarot readers.

I’ve been pretty lucky in that most people I’ve read for have been wonderful people who genuinely seek answers, but there have been a few I’ve come across that have been disrespectful. Once, someone even said that I probably use the readings to scare my clients into buying protection spells or talismans or some other such thing! If I was that kind of witch, I would’ve already put a curse on him.

Then there are those, like the post mentioned, who think that reading the tarot is easy money. It isn’t. It takes energy and focus to tap into higher consciousness to get them the answers they need. I use a lot of mental and spiritual power. I meditate on their questions and the cards, and interpret them into a coherent and helpful answer for my clients. It is not easy work. It is powerful work. And I take time out of my already busy and tiring day to focus my time and energy into their readings, only to have these people tell me I’m making easy money. To have them not appreciate the time and energy I’m putting into helping them.


Let me explain once and for all; anyone who can buy a tarot deck and book, can learn the meaning of the tarot cards and do a reading for anyone else, but knowing the meaning of the cards and being able to make sense of them are two very different things.

A friend once asked me if there was a program that could be developed to do tarot readings and if it was a good idea for her to put it up on her website. I told her that there probably was some kind of program that could do that, but I didn’t see a benefit to it, because while the program could give you the meanings of all the cards you got in your automated reading, it will never be able to see the whole picture and put the pieces of the puzzle together into any coherent form to actually be useful to you.

That’s where tarot readers and their powerful intuition come in. That’s what we do. That’s what you pay us that “easy money” for. No machine, no software, no program, can do what we can.

Having said that, I want to emphasize that I love what I do. I love doing readings for people and helping them. I started reading the tarot for friends, and friends of friends, since I was a teenager, and it felt great to be able to help even then, but it was one incident with a very special woman, a few years ago that made me decide that I really wanted to develop my intuition seriously. I wanted to be able to help people professionally.

We met in one of those intuitive community classes. She had just lost her husband about three months before and was slowly learning to move on with her life. On one of our exercises, we were told to connect with our partner’s angels and/or spirit guides, for a message for them. I was paired with this beautiful woman for the exercise, and as I connected to the angels, I kept getting a picture of a shovel and the feeling that it was a message from her recently deceased husband.

I resisted it for a long time, I told the angels to give me another message because I was afraid. We all knew she was recently bereaved, and it was possible that my imagination might have made up something about her husband just to comfort her. The shovel was so specific, what if I was wrong? It would’ve been wrong and cruel to mislead her. Please give me another message for her, I begged the angels, just not this one.

But they were insistent. The shovel stayed in my head, along with the strong feeling that it was from her husband. Finally, I stopped resisting the message, I opened my eyes, looked into hers, and I told her the message I had gotten for her. I was so scared and so hesitant when telling her about the shovel and the feeling that it was a message from her deceased husband, that she ended up having to reassure me. She told me that her husband died in the shed, holding a shovel, and that she was sure this was his way of telling her that he was still watching over her.

The peace in her eyes when she told me this, and the gratitude she expressed for the message I gave her, these are the reasons I do what I do. 

archangel haniel

I’ve since learned to trust my intuition and the messages I get from the higher cosmos, angels, and spiritual beings. I always conduct my readings and all my spiritual practices in the highest and most loving energy, with the truest intent of guiding true seekers in their path for spiritual growth. I, myself, have been guided along this path, and I know that this is part of my life purpose. To help seekers who’ve come to me for messages and spiritual guidance from the Universe.

As tarot readers, we do occasionally come across the rude, ignorant, and skeptical person, but we don’t have to grin and bear it. These people are not our audience, they are not the reason we put our energies into our readings. We do not need to serve them or to allow their energy into our space. We are not here for them.

We are here for the others; the ones who can really benefit from our help, the ones who are truly seeking spiritual guidance, the ones that we can make a difference for. They are the reason I love what I do. They are the reason I am on this path.




Hazellie Wong is a professional tarot diviner, numerologist, and spiritual coach. She is also the founder of and a certified Master Herbalist. She is a third-generation healer, and is passionate about helping people achieve optimum spiritual and emotional health through spiritual guidance.

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