Numerology – What’s in a Name?

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Those who’ve known me previously have been wondering about my name change. I used to go by Betty but have very recently decided not to use Betty anymore. I am now going by Hazellie. I posted the whole story on my personal blog, if you’re interested in the back story, but I wanted to talk about how the energies have changed for me within just a few weeks of changing my name.

Here are how the numbers look like for me:

Betty – 955 586
Hazellie – 832 586

The last three numbers are the same for both because that’s my birthday numbers and we can’t change that. We can only change our name to be more compatible with our birthday numbers.

Now here’s the thing, my name numbers aren’t really all that bad in relation to my birthday numbers. I have done numerology readings for people who have a lot more complicated numbers, and I am nowhere near as troubled as some of them. However, let me explain further.

The six numbers in the chart, from left to right, are:

  1. The Soul Number
  2. The Personality Number
  3. The Power Name Number
  4. The Birth Number
  5. The Life Path Number, and
  6. The Attitude Number

Looking at the numbers in my chart when I went by Betty, my Life Path number is 8. That is the most important number in a person’s chart, because it’s what a person needs to act on in their life in order to be happy. The Soul number is the second most important number, because it is the number you need to act on for inner peace, it’s what you feel inside, and my number was 9.

Now, because these two numbers are the two most important numbers in your chart, it would be most ideal if they were compatible numbers. My number 9 and number 8 were challenge numbers to each other, but while that wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t bad enough for me to dwell upon.

The main reason I decided to change my name was because of the number 5s in my chart. I had three of them, and when you have more than one of the same number in your chart, called an Intensity Number, it becomes more important. Having three number 5s in my chart meant that the energies of the number 5 had become more prominent in my life than my actual Life Path number.

So what are the energies of a number 5?

5They are adventurers, fun and freedom seekers. They are usually the life of the party, friendly, outgoing, passionate. They do best when they are working in their own business as they don’t like to be controlled and be subjected to someone else’s authority. They get bored easily and need constant stimulation. They are natural entertainers and hosts and they go out of their way to make everyone else feel comfortable. 

Alright, that all sounds really good. What is so bad about the number 5 that I felt I had to change it?

Well, nothing really. There is no such thing as a bad number, I really want to emphasize this, there is no such thing as a bad number. It’s just how the energies of the numbers you have interact with one another to affect your life and the triple 5s were just not what I wanted for myself.

Having triple 5s in my chart made their energies more prominent for me.

Sure, I am fun-loving and friendly, I can entertain and host a party, and honestly, I like these qualities in me. But the number 5 is also a very cerebral number. It is a thinking number, and because it needs constant stimulation, the mind hardly ever stops to rest. I find myself thinking too much and over-analyzing everything, I find it difficult to sleep at night because of all the thinking my brain is doing. I need constant stimulation and that’s probably why I devour one book after another after another.

To clarify again, there’s nothing wrong with that, I love reading and I still want to read a lot. I just don’t want it to take over my life to the point that I don’t get anything else done.

Also, the number 8 is my Life Path number, and the energies of the number 8, among others, is working hard to achieve financial security. Financial security is very important to the number 8 Life Path, but the triple 5s make it hard for me to do so because I enjoy freedom so much. I couldn’t settle down, I couldn’t stick to one thing because there was so much I was interested in, so much I wanted to do.

I love the positive energies of the number 5, I love freedom and adventure, and thankfully, I still have one in my chart after changing my name. I want to continue being fun and friendly and adventurous, I just don’t want to over-think and love freedom to the point where I am not able to be still and take my work seriously, to fulfill my number 8 Life Path for achieving a successful career and financial security. So I decided to give up the name Betty.

If you visited the link where I tell the whole back story, you’ll see that I tried many different options as close to Betty as I could get; Betti, Bettie, Bette, Betsy, etc. None of them worked for me, and I ended up with Hazellie. (Keep in mind also that I had to work with numbers that were compatible with my husband’s. It wouldn’t do to get numbers that were great for me but ended up with me and my husband divorcing!)

colorful plastic number on white background - math time

With Hazellie, the first three numbers of my chart is now 832, and the bonus is that my Soul number and Life Path number are both now number 8s, so I am more aligned in my path, and it is easier for me to achieve my life purpose. The 3 and the 2 are also great for me because the 3 is a great communicator and writer, and the 2 is intuitive, compassionate, someone who loves to help others. I’ve always wanted to write more, and the qualities of the 2 is just perfect for me as an intuitive reader.

I’ve not yet gotten used to using Hazellie in my every day life, and neither have my friends. Most of them haven’t even realized that I’ve changed my name, so the energies of Betty are still there, but I have seen some improvements that are very encouraging.

For one, I am able to relax enough now that I can focus on meditating. I still think a lot but I sleep much better now. I am also much more hardworking and am able to get things done instead of putting them aside in favor of reading. But these may be conscious efforts and not actually because of the name change. It’s still too soon to know for sure if the name change actually took effect, but I’ve done enough numerology readings on enough people to be amazed by and vouch for the accuracy and effectiveness of numerology.

Perhaps I’ll share more stories about them with you soon.





Hazellie Wong is a professional tarot diviner, numerologist, and spiritual coach. She is also the founder of and a certified Master Herbalist. She is a third-generation healer, and is passionate about helping people achieve optimum spiritual and emotional health through spiritual guidance.

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  1. Brent W Scott

    Hello Hazellie,
    I enjoyed your article about your name change. My favorite ex-girlfriend’s mother changed Florence’s middle name to Philo due to numerology. I didn’t understand it up till now.

    Will you please recommend a few numerology books I could get at my local library? I live in Los Angeles so we have an extensive collection of books to chose from & I’d bet some will be there. I’m new to numerology but am familiar with Tarot.

    Thank you for your time & best regards,


    PS, this is my first time to your site (you’ve written some great articles here & seem well on your way toward your writing goal), I found you through Tarotology where you had left a comment on the Ace of Swords thread.
    again, thanks.

  2. Hi Brent, thanks so much for stopping by my website. I’m glad that this article helped you understand more about numerology.

    Some of the better books I can recommend for numerology are Glynis Has Your Number by Glynis McCants, and The Numerology Guidebook by Michelle Buchanan. There are lots of numerology books out there and I haven’t read them all, but these two are so far the most accurate of the ones I’ve read. I hope they help you! :)

    The site is still new, only a couple of months old, so there are not nearly as many articles up as I would like yet, but I hope you keep coming back to visit. Thanks! :)

  3. Brown

    Spot on for sure. I also am a triple 5….also 5′ tall 5 shoe size..its always been my fav number.
    Yes can’t get settled, still on the move learning, living and loving.
    Thank you!

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