Intuition – Is it real? Does it really work?

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The first “divination” practice I ever learned was palmistry, and believe it or not, my father was my teacher.

The reason I put the word divination between quotation marks is because the practice I learned was less guesswork and more science. Science because once you learned the theory, it can be replicated with every single hand you ever come across, and the results will always be the same. IE. if a particular trait on a particular spot meant something, it means the same thing in every hand you see. (Later on in one of my psychology classes in college, I built a scientific hypothesis on personality traits found in people with certain characteristics on their palms, conducted a survey, and wrote a paper on it. It is very much scientifically proven, and not just by myself.)

I was fascinated.

I was young and curious enough to experiment with everyone I met. I brought all my friends to my father, and the ones I couldn’t bring to my father, I looked at myself. I asked them questions to gauge the accuracy of my readings, and I learned a lot.


The truth is, I barely knew a thing about palmistry then. There is so much to delve into, so many shapes, color, texture, lines, to study in palmistry that I still don’t consider myself anywhere close to an advanced student. I’d only touched the barest surface of palmistry.

However, when I was young and curious and unafraid, I felt there was so much I could tell with the little I knew. I wasn’t hesitant, I didn’t hold back, I haven’t yet learned to doubt myself. And as I read more palms, something interesting began to happen.

I began to get intuitive hits.

I would read my friends’ palms, and tell them what I knew from what I saw in them, but more and more I would get sudden knowledge that I knew I didn’t get from reading the palms, and I would find myself blurting out these sudden knowledge and getting amazed looks from my friends.

They were usually already pretty amazed by what I could tell them from looking at their palms, but I knew when I got these intuitive hits that they weren’t from the science of palmistry. I never learned this from the book or from my father. It was purely intuitive, and it was always accurate.


Later on I started reading the tarot, which is much less scientific if we have to put a qualification on it, but it still amazed me with how accurate it could get. I’ve also found that I use my intuition much more actively when I read the tarot, as opposed to using my intuition on a more subconscious level when I read palms.

The thing is, I can tell you how palmistry works, but I have no idea how the tarot or intuition works. I just know that they do. I have experienced the accuracy of the tarot and my intuitive hits enough times for me to question that.

So I say, if you have sudden thoughts that come out of nowhere, a voice at the back of your mind, a tap on your shoulder, something in your gut telling you to do something or to stay away from something else… Trust it. Listen to it.

It’s real, and it works. And the more you use it, the more it’ll work for you.




Hazellie Wong is a professional tarot diviner, numerologist, and spiritual coach. She is also the founder of and a certified Master Herbalist. She is a third-generation healer, and is passionate about helping people achieve optimum spiritual and emotional health through spiritual guidance.

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  1. It’s a muscle that needs to be exercised and flexed, just like the other parts of us. Extra hard, to push past barriers of doubt that naysayers fling at us indirectly. It seems unfair that mere memories of naysayers work towards bringing intuition forth. But it’s who we are and is the natural language of animals. They only meow or tweet when they see that we haven’t heard their telepathic voice. :) Intuition is as real as our hands. We mustn’t expect to prove a non-physical trait with physical measurers.

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