Year of the Dog Tarot Spread

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Dog year cover


In 2016, I created the Year of the Monkey Tarot Spread for the Lunar New Year. Last year, there was the Year of the Rooster Tarot Spread, and in keeping with tradition, I have created another spread to share with you this Lunar New Year of the Dog.

The Dog is a loyal friend whose mission in life is to be of service. They are social and active animals, always sincere and true to themselves. They can be playful and optimistic, but also responsible animals that help to take care of others. The Year of the Dog Tarot Spread helps give insight to how you can embody the positive traits of the Dog.



Dog year spread



  1. What does the Year of the Dog hold for me?
  2. What am I most optimistic about?
  3. How can I be my most authentic self?
  4. How can I best serve others this year?
  5. In which area of my life do I need to cultivate more responsibility?
  6. How can I be more active this year?



I hope this reading is helpful to you, and as always, I would love to hear back from you about how it worked for you if you use it. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me at


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