April 2017 – Tarot Forecast

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April 2017 Tarot Forecast


April 2017

Majors 10 Wheel of Fortune

Minors Swords KingMinors Cups Knight











Wheel of Fortune – 10, King of Swords, Knight of Cups


Now is the time to take control of your own life, and let go of the things you cannot control. You have always been the master of your own destiny, and it is important that you realize that now. No matter what your circumstances before this, no matter your circumstances now, you have the ability to create the life you want. There have been many examples of people who have come from difficult backgrounds and are now extremely successful; you can be successful too if you reclaim control of your life. Do not let anyone else take that power from you.

Sure, there are some things that we cannot control; the weather, what the traffic is going to be like, and what other people say or do… but we can control what we do about them. We can make sure we’re always prepared; dress warm and bring an umbrella, we can leave the house early so that we won’t get stuck in traffic, and we can choose to not let what others say or do affect us negatively.

If you’ve been losing sleep over a particularly nasty problem, try putting your feelings aside for a moment and look for the best and most practical approach to finding a solution. Sometimes the best thing to do is also the most difficult because it means that you may have to let go of something or someone important to you. It’s difficult but often necessary in order for you to be able to move forward. If you’ve been wanting to take a course or go back to school, this is a good time to do it.

Rest assured that you will move forward towards better things, but your dreams can only come true if you allow yourself to let go of the things that have been holding you back. On some level, you already know this. Now it’s time for you to reclaim your power and take back control over your own life. You can do this!


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