January 2017 – Tarot Forecast

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January 2017

Happy New Year 2017, everyone!

There’s going to be all sorts of new things happening this year, and I thought it would be nice to start posting weekly tarot forecasts for each month. I have found that somehow the readers that are drawn to my general forecast readings, are the ones for whom the readings are for.

If you find that these resonate for you, do let me know, I would love to hear back from you!


January 2 – 8


~ 6 of Wands ~

This week is a great week for celebrating your wins. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, no matter how minor your victories seem on the surface, and you should be proud of yourself for all that you have done. Everything that has ever happened led you to where you are now, and even if you feel you haven’t fully arrived at your destination yet, you are closer to it today than you were before.

It might not seem so, especially if you have just recently let go of something you thought you wanted. But remember that with every door that closes, another one opens. Victories sometimes look like failures in the beginning, as blessings in disguises often do, but when you have let go of the “failures” you will see that underneath that disguise, is a victory after all.

If there has been a project that you’ve been wanting to work on, this might be a great time to start. It’s a particularly auspicious time for new beginnings and projects and there is a high chance that anything you start working on now will succeed.



January 9 – 15


07~ 7 of Wands ~

This week you may find yourself having to defend something that you believe in. It may be your work, it may be your opinions, it may be something – or someone – that you love. If you truly believe in them, stand up for them. The majority isn’t always right, and often when the opposing voices are so loud, others who stand with you are afraid to speak up. Be an example to them and use your voice. Let your voice be heard so that others who stand with you will know that they are not standing alone.

There will always be those who oppose you or who are jealous of you and what you have. Do not let them bring you down to their level. It’s difficult sometimes and often scary to stand against opposition, but you are good enough and strong enough, and the only thing you need is to realize that about yourself. Stand up for your truth.



January 16 – 22


~ The Hermit – 9 ~09

There is nothing wrong with being alone and spending some time with yourself. It’s often when you are alone that you discover the most interesting things about yourself.

For some of us, being alone is difficult and uncomfortable, for others, we relish being alone but feel guilty because it means telling those we love to give us our personal time away from them. Either way, there are lessons to be learned.

This week, make some time for yourself for personal care. Ask for help from others so that you may relinquish some of your responsibilities to others for a day or even just a few hours. Take the time to relax, go shopping, pamper yourself with a massage or a hot bath, read a book, or just sleep in. You will feel so much more refreshed and ready to take on the world again.



January 23 – 29

queen~ Queen of Cups ~

Emotions may come closer to the surface this week. You may be feeling particularly sensitive and emotional and having a friend who will listen and empathize will help to make things better. Honor your feelings. Being emotional doesn’t make you weak. It makes you self-aware and honest and brave.

Sometimes it’s cathartic to have a good cry, or just to allow yourself to feel sad. You don’t have to put on a happy face all the time. Being honest about your feelings actually makes you a stronger person emotionally. It’s when you hide your feelings and suppress them all the time, that you become emotionally fragile and breakable.

You become physically strong by building your muscles, and you become emotionally strong by building your emotional muscles. The more honest you are to yourself about your feelings, the more you honor your emotions and allow them to express themselves, the stronger you will be.


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