Fairy Lights Tarot – Deck Review and Free Download of Card Pairs Index

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The Fairy Lights Tarot deck is one of those decks that I love to study. It’s unique because every card in the deck is paired with another, and the artwork is non-traditional yet meaningful and beautiful.

I don’t know why the creator of this deck, Lucia Mattioli, chose to pair the cards the way she did, but they seem to make sense when you put them side by side and study them, and using them in readings result in some of the most profound insights.

flt pairs 01

King of Wands & 6 of Pentacles

flt pairs 02

2 of Pentacles & 4 of Cups

fairy lights tarot pairs

Pairs in the Fairy Lights Tarot

You can also read them individually or in combination with other cards in the deck. You can pull one card for a particular reading, and then look at its pair as the shadow card. You could pull two pairs for four cards, or pull four or more random cards, and see what story the cards have to tell you.

flt 01

Random pair: 6 of Cups & 6 of Wands

flt 02

Random pair: Ace of Cups & The Star (17)

There’s so much you can do with this deck. I haven’t started using it in bigger spreads yet, I’ve just been content with reading them individually and in pairs (both actual and random pairs), and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I feel like shutting myself from the world, turning into The Hermit for a while, and just spend as much time as I can studying this deck.

Unfortunately, I can’t shut myself away, but I have compiled an index of all the card pairs so that I can save time by referring to it to find the pairs, and I’m happy to share it with students, readers, and fans of the Fairy Lights Tarot deck.


Click to download the Fairy Lights Tarot – Card Pairs PDF file.


I have checked the list, but if you find any mistakes, please do let me know and I’ll correct it. Thank you! Enjoy the Fairy Lights Tarot!

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