Tarot Tips on Thursdays – What happens when the “scary” cards turn up in your tarot reading

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Welcome to a new weekly feature on Mynas’ Moon, the Tarot Tips on Thursdays!


Tarot Tips on Thursdays is exactly what its name suggests. It features short and simple weekly tarot tips that will help you understand and read the tarot better.

This week, we will talking about what it means when the “scary” tarot cards turn up.


There are some cards in the tarot deck that are considered negative and scary by some readers and given a bad reputation by horror movies. It’s always an ominous sign when the Death card appears in the movie.

However, while the Death card can sometimes indicate physical death, most experienced tarot readers know that it more often refers to a metaphorical death; the end of something, and with that, the beginning of something new.

In some decks, the Death card is represented by the Phoenix, which has always been a strong symbol of rebirth and regeneration, rising from the ashes of death. As you can see, getting this card would not be scary at all and can in fact, be an indication of positive things to come.


Death as depicted in the Shadowscapes Tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

The point here is, every single one of the 78 cards in the tarot deck have both positive and negative meanings. The important thing is not which card you get in your reading, but what you do about it.

With a little bit of perspective and the right kind of attitude, every challenge can be turned into an opportunity.


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