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Welcome to a new weekly feature on Mynas’ Moon, the Tarot Tips on Thursdays!



Tarot Tips on Thursdays is exactly what its name suggests. It features short and simple weekly tarot tips that will help you understand and read the tarot better. These include tips on:

  • how to remember the meanings of the tarot cards
  • how to understand and use tarot spreads
  • how to interpret the cards based on topics or positions on a spread
  • comparing different tarot decks and their nuances of meaning
  • tarot exercises that will help you expand your knowledge and understanding
  • and much more!

This week, we will start off Tarot Tips on Thurdays with something easy.

How to Read the Three of Wands:

Let’s simplify the meaning of the card based on its number and element;

In numerology, the number three is all about communication, reaching out to others.

Elementally, the Wands are associated with fire, which represents passion, ambition, career, and inspiration – the spark that starts something great, if you will.

Putting them together, the Three of Wands means wanting to reach out to others to further ambition or career.

In general or career questions, getting the Three of Wands usually means the above. But what if you get this card for questions about other issues? In those cases, the meaning of the card is similar, but adjusted towards the issue.

Some examples:

In relationships:
If you are single, this could mean that you should be looking beyond your network of friends so that you may meet someone new. If you are already in a relationship, then it may be telling you that you want a deeper connection to your current partner to bring the relationship to the next level.

In education: 
This may mean that you should communicate and share your knowledge with others, become a teacher of something you are passionate about, or that you should pursue further education for yourself.

In health: 
You may be looking for ways to be healthier, communicate with your doctors and other like-minded individuals about what you can do for your diet and fitness regime. If this question refers to a more serious health issue, it may be telling you to look for a second opinion, or an alternative method of treatment.

Now that you get the idea, experiment with the rest of the cards and journal your results. Thanks and stay tuned for more Tarot Tips on Thursdays in the coming weeks!

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