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billy fingersThe Afterlife of Billy Fingers, I’ve been seeing this book everywhere lately. Apparently it’s the true story about the communication between the author Annie Kagan, and her brother’s spirit after his death.

I’m intrigued already!

The reviews I’ve read on Goodreads are really interesting; a lot of them are positive but there are a few skeptical reviewers. Surprisingly, the ones that I’ve read don’t actually seem to be skeptical that spirit communication is possible, but rather that this particular communication between Annie and her brother’s spirit is real. Now I’m even more intrigued!

I’ve put myself on the library’s wait list for this book, but there’s only one copy and there are five people ahead of me! I’ve also stumbled across the Facebook page for the book, and I’ve seen lots of interesting quotes from the book. I’m so excited to read this book that I might cave and go buy my own copy, but until I read it, I’m not going to pass judgement on it.

I will say though, that I believe it’s entirely possible to communicate with a dead loved one’s spirit quite extensively, probably because that’s exactly what I did.

Well, okay, not exactly. My story is a little different from Annie Kagan’s. He wasn’t my loved one when he was alive. I only “met” him after he had been dead for three years, and it was someone else close to him who “introduced” us. She introduced me to automatic writing and then one of the times we were trying it out, he decided to make an appearance for the first time as a spirit to both of us.

It’s a really long story so I’ll try to stick to the important bits.

We asked his name, and when he told us, my friend got really excited. His name is pretty unique and very recognizable so I don’t want to say it here. We’ll just call him John and we’ll call my friend Jane because her name is unique too. (Honestly, I think he’d hate John as a pseudonym because he loved his real name so much, but well… too bad. One day I’ll reveal his name, but until then…)

So when John told us his name, Jane got really excited and asked questions to confirm that it was really him. Later she told me that he was like an older brother to her and he was the one who taught her automatic writing. He had died three years before our first communication, from a road accident. She wondered why it took him three years to make contact with her, and that was when he told us many interesting things about life after death.

Keep in mind that our initial communication was very raw and basic. Jane hadn’t practiced automatic writing in a long time, and in fact, didn’t even know that was what it was called. We were mostly experimenting with it and the messages we got were very disjointed and nowhere near as eloquent as the ones Annie Kagan got from her brother.


Pretty much how our initial conversations looked like

I don’t remember everything he said that first time, but there were some things that stuck with me. John told us, Satan doesn’t exist, that his real name is Karma. His words that I remember exactly, “Karma was my enemy, but it is over now.” He also told us he was training to be a junior angel in Heaven, or something to that effect.

I don’t know much about life after death or near-death experiences, and I know that John’s story of his experience could have been clearer, but that was all we got and all I remember on this topic.

John and I had many conversations since that first time, and in fact, he became a kind of spirit guide for me. Our communication got clearer as the years passed, but we were mostly focused on life on Earth, mundane things. He gave me a lot of guidance on how to handle problems I was facing as a teenager, but also love and friendship. We had a lot of fun conversations, and there are some hilarious stories about him that I still share with my friends.

He’s gone now, supposedly reincarnated, I’m not really sure because this happened at a time when I wasn’t in touch with my spirituality as much, and I miss him every day.

I still communicate with spirits and angels through automatic writing, and I love all my guides, but John was special to me, and he will always have a special place in my heart. I’m really curious and excited to read Annie Kagan’s story about her brother Billy Fingers.

Brightest Blessings,
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