Reading the Tarot on date-specific questions

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I’ve been doing tarot readings for a while, and I’m always amazed by how accurate they can be despite how little information we have to go from. Somehow there just seems to be some kind of cosmic energy that makes the card readings happen the way they do.

Now, although I have a lot of faith in the tarot, there are some things that I just don’t feel comfortable giving out in a reading. One of them is dates. A question of “when” is very difficult to answer. I can give vague time frames sometimes, – in the near future, in a few months, within the next year, etc. but I’ve never felt comfortable saying things like, “So and so will happen in June”, for example. Unless, of course, the question happens to be, “What can I expect in June?” Then I can see what the cards have in store for the month of June.

A few weeks ago, I went to a friend’s house and I was doing tarot readings for a few friends. We’ve known each other for years, so we just got into the conversation about how tarot cards work and what kind of questions are easier or harder for me to work with. I told them about the when question, and they asked what if they insisted on knowing a when? Could the cards even answer a question like that? I said it was definitely possible for the cards to answer that question, it’s just not as easy to interpret it accurately.

Just for an experiment, one of my friends said she’d like to try a “when” question and wouldn’t hold it against me if I got it wrong. She had gotten married in the last year and was trying to get pregnant with her husband, her question was, “When will we have kids?”

Again, I want to emphasize, I normally wouldn’t feel comfortable giving an exact date with a question like this, but as she was a good friend of mine and wouldn’t hold it against me if I got it wrong, I decided to experiment with it.

I shuffled the cards and sent out the intention that I wanted an answer that was time specific. We drew the Seven of Cups.

seven cups

I told her, in this case, I’m interpreting it based on the question we asked and the intention we sent out, so I would interpret the 7 of the suit to mean the 7th month of the year, July. I said, it’s entirely possible that you’ll get pregnant a few months from now, and your baby will arrive in July 2015.

She shrugged and said she’d let me know if it happened.

That was some weeks ago, and I’d forgotten about it, but she called me up yesterday and what she told me gave me goosebumps, so I just had to share (without sharing names, of course)! She’s pregnant!

6 weeks along now and the doctor just confirmed it yesterday! It turned out that she conceived sometime in early July, so it was July 2014 the cards were talking about, not 2015! She’s thrilled and so’s her husband! She’s not sharing it with anyone except family right now, but she wanted to tell me because of the reading I did for her.

I am absolutely thrilled for her too, and so excited that the reading turned out to be so accurate! I’m still not completely sure about giving date specific readings to clients, but I’m definitely going to experiment more with this and see what happens.



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